Reliable and Effective Teeth Whitening in Crowley, TX

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Teeth can discolor for a wide variety of reasons, including genetic and environmental factors. While your discoloration may be out of your control, it can still leave you feeling uncomfortable and shy about showing off your smile.

Simple Dental offers professional teeth whitening in Crowley, TX, to get you the bright, white teeth that you’ve always wanted. Our teeth whitening process produces amazing and safe results that brighten your smile without harming your delicate tooth enamel in the process.

Who Needs Teeth Whitening in Crowley, TX?

Teeth whitening is a great option for anyone with stained or discolored natural teeth. Most professional whitening products work best on natural tooth enamel and can’t do much for veneers, crowns, or dental implants. 

While the teeth whitening process doesn’t harm your teeth, it can produce temporary sensitivity. If you have very sensitive teeth or have undergone a teeth whitening process recently, your affordable dentist at Simple Dental may recommend waiting a few weeks. 

If you’re unsure whether teeth whitening is the right process for you, why not schedule a consultation at Simple Dental? Our dentists will evaluate your current dental concerns and your future cosmetic goals and identify the best way to achieve those goals. 

Why Are My Teeth Discolored?

There are two reasons your teeth can look discolored: one that affects how much of your natural bone shines through and one that affects the outer layer of your teeth.

Tooth enamel affects the color of your teeth. This layer covers the underlying bone, which is a dark off-white color. As the layer thins out, more of the bone shines through, and your teeth look darker. This intrinsic discoloration is often a result of aging, genetics, and certain medications.

The second reason why your teeth may look discolored is due to stains that sit on the surface of your teeth. Drinks with many colorants or tannins, like wine, coffee, tea, and several sodas, can cause stains that become very difficult to remove. 

The worst culprit for tooth staining is tobacco, which causes permanent stains that are extremely difficult to remove. Smoking is better than chewing, but both can affect the color of your teeth. 

The Teeth Whitening Process

During a professional teeth whitening session at Simple Dental, we’ll start by creating a custom set of whitening trays that sit comfortably over your teeth. By creating trays specifically for your teeth, we can ensure an even spread of whitening agents and more consistent results.

The actual teeth whitening process is incredibly simple. Your dentist will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and leave it to work for a certain amount of time, usually between 15 and 30 minutes. After that, you’re free to go and enjoy your new brighter smile.

We also offer take-home kits that may be more convenient than scheduling an appointment with us. We still create custom trays, but you can then take our whitening gel home and use it whenever you need a refresher. 

In most cases, we recommend an overnight session to get the best results. 

Whether you choose our in-practice or at-home teeth whitening solutions, you can expect great results in just a few sessions, with minimal damage to your tooth enamel. Best of all, when you run out of whitening gel, you can just swing by and get another dose!

Why Not Go Over-the-Counter? 

Many oral care companies offer tooth whitening products that you can buy from the store. However, as the leading dentist in Crowley, we’ve found that these products tend to be ineffective at best and harmful at worst.

The main reason why we don’t recommend over-the-counter products is that they contain the very little active whitening agent. Some patients report using almost an entire tube of whitening gel to get the same results as our professional kits! 

Overall, it’s much safer and cost-effective to visit a professional teeth whitening dentist in Crowley. Not only can you expect faster results, but you can also rest assured that our process is safer due to our professional-grade products.

Get the Best Teeth Whitening in Crowley, TX

A professional teeth whitening solution can brighten your teeth by up to eight shades, resulting in a radiant smile that will wow everyone. If you’re curious about teeth whitening in Crowley, TX, get in touch with Simple Dental at (817)865-5333 and schedule a consultation today!