We Handle Dental Root Canals in Crowley, TX

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Dentists use a root canal to address a serious infection in the pulp of your tooth. You may realize that you need a root canal if you start to experience significant tooth pain. A dentist may also notice a problem during a regular oral health check-up.

Our dental team can take care of all aspects of dental root canals in Crowley, TX. You can call us today to schedule an appointment if you notice pain or swelling in your mouth and want professional help.

When You Need a Root Canal

Not everyone needs dental root canals in Crowley, TX. Generally, root canals only become necessary if you first get a cavity and do not receive quality dental care. In many cases, you can treat a cavity quickly with your dentist, resolving the issue with a filling.

Untreated cavities allow the decay to destroy more of your tooth. Eventually, the decay can reach the pulp of your tooth, causing an infection and considerable amounts of damage. You may need a root canal to treat any infection that reaches your pulp.

You may also want to schedule a root canal if you cracked or broke a tooth. Damage to your tooth may expose the pulp, resulting in the need for a root canal.

Symptoms Tied to Root Canals

So, how do you know whether you need a root canal? It can be difficult to determine if you have a severe cavity or a cracked tooth on your own. You may end up contacting a dentist if you experience sensitivity and pain around your tooth. Additional symptoms include:

• Pimples on your gums
• Swelling gums
• Darkening gums

However, a dentist may need to confirm that you have an infection in your pulp, a cracked tooth, or a broken tooth. Here at Simple Dental, we use X-rays to identify these issues. After we view your X-rays, we can develop a plan of treatment.

Steps Involved in a Root Canal

Our team has experience performing root canals. We understand each step of the root canal process and can help you by:

• Numbing the area with the use of a local anesthetic
• Isolating the tooth with a dental dam
• Removing decay and the pump
• Cleaning out the tooth canals
• Filling the emptied areas with a composite resin

You can relax when you trust us to take care of a root canal here in Crowley, TX. We put our training to work for you and walk you through each step of the process, allowing you to feel comfortable about your treatment options.

We Handle Other Dental Services

Sometimes, root canals become necessary if cavities are not taken care of quickly. We can offer you treatment options if you believe you have a cavity. Allow us to assess the situation with X-rays and share the information with you.

Handling a cavity requires us to numb the area, clean out the decay, and place a filling. Generally, we use a composite resin for fillings. These fillings blend into the color of your tooth and prevent decay from spreading down into the pump.

You can also rely on us to provide additional services, such as tooth whitening. Getting your teeth whitened is a non-invasive procedure. We can provide you with a tray and a whitening gel to remove stains left by food and drinks.

We also provide bridges, crowns, and porcelain inlays or onlays. Contact us to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services.

Get Emergency Help with a Root Canal

A pulp infection can lead to pain and discomfort. We understand that you want help quickly if you experience this situation, that’s why we’re standing by to offer you emergency dental care.

You can contact us if you broke a molar, cracked an incisor, or if you are dealing with pain and swelling for an unknown reason. Allow us to take X-rays to check the damage to your teeth. We can immediately schedule a root canal to address the issue and help you recover.

We are standing by to help all members of your family here in Crowley.

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