What To Expect From the Top Fluoride Treatment in Crowley, TX

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Developing good oral hygiene habits is a vital step in preventing significant dental and oral health issues. However, some children and adults need additional assistance through preventative dental services like fluoride treatments to keep their teeth strong and healthy. 

Simple Dental is a top dental practice that offers fluoride treatment in Crowley, TX. Our team of dedicated dentists, hygienists, and support staff strives to help families have bright, beautiful smiles and good oral health. As a full-service family dental practice, we provide patients with an array of preventative services, including fluoride treatments. 

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in water, rocks, soil, plants, and certain foods. It’s also a mineral that makes up part of your bones and teeth, specifically the enamel or the hard outer layer of teeth. 

Every day, your enamel loses and gains minerals. The loss comes from the acidic byproducts of oral bacteria in plaque and sugar that eat away at the enamel. However, minerals like fluoride, calcium, and phosphate in water and food adhere to the enamel to make up for the demineralization. 

Unfortunately, some people lose more minerals than they consume, resulting in weakened enamel and teeth susceptible to decay and cavities. A fluoride treatment is a way to deposit the mineral onto teeth and protect them from bacteria, sugars, and acid. With the treatment, your teeth become more resistant to tooth decay, which may reverse early signs of damage. 

Reasons Fluoride Treatments Are Necessary

Fluoride is one of the minerals necessary for good bone health and development. Regarding dental health, it is one of nature’s best preventative measures against decay and cavities. Unfortunately, brushing and flossing aren’t enough to prevent dental problems, but fluoride will give your teeth additional protection. 

Though you may consume a decent amount of fluoride by drinking tap water or using fluorinated products as part of your dental care routine, some circumstances may require a fluoride treatment from the Simple Dental team. For instance, you may not:

  • Drink enough fluorinated water
  • Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss properly
  • Eat a balanced diet

You may also choose to receive treatment if you are prone to tooth decay or want to prevent problems later in life. In any case, you can be confident that our skilled dentists will provide you with the preventative dental care you deserve.

How Fluoride Benefits Dental Health

A professional fluoride treatment in Crowley, TX, from the team at Simple Dental offers many benefits. Not only will it restore minerals to the outer layer of your teeth, but it will also prevent cavities by reducing the growth of harmful bacteria. 

Other advantages of the treatment include:

  • Improving teeth strength
  • Protecting enamel from additional erosion
  • Reducing the need for extensive dental work in the future

Who Should Have a Fluoride Treatment in Crowley, TX?

Children are often the recipients of fluoride treatments because the mineral significantly reduces the risk of tooth decay in primary teeth. Primary teeth that develop tooth decay can cause eruption problems with permanent teeth. However, teens and adults can also benefit from the procedure. 

Fluoride treatments in our dental practice take seconds to complete, and most patients qualify for them. In many cases, our dentists can combine fluoride treatments with other dental services or perform them during patients’ bi-annual checkups.

What Happens During the Fluoride Treatment Procedure?

We begin the treatment by cleaning and drying your teeth. Once your teeth are dry, we brush liquid fluoride over each tooth. The solvent our professionals use will immediately soak into the enamel and fortify your teeth. 

Other ways to apply fluoride include a gel tray, which will keep your teeth in contact with the mineral for up to four minutes. After we complete the application, we recommend no eating or drinking for an hour to ensure that the fluoride absorbs into your teeth. 

We may suggest you and your family receive a fluoride treatment every three, six, or 12 months depending on your oral health history. 

When you or your child needs fluoride treatment in Crowley, TX, you can count on the professionals at Simple Dental to handle the job with care. Our staff aims to create a comfortable environment for all patients while receiving professional dental treatments to improve their oral health. To book an appointment, call (817)865-5333 today.