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Dentists use X-rays as diagnostic tools to better assess the needs of their patients. We can offer you dental X-rays in Crowley, TX, to check on the state of your oral health. Our team at Simple Dental uses state-of-the-art machinery to handle X-ray examinations for patients.

Allow us to use X-rays to get to the heart of any possible oral health issues you are facing.

Times to Get a Dental X-Ray

Are you wondering when to get dental X-rays in Crowley, TX? You’ll likely get X-rays taken at some of your normal dental appointments. Usually, insurance companies cover yearly X-rays to allow dentists to monitor the state of your dental health on a regular basis, as they help dentists identify:

  • Cavities
  • Bone loss
  • Impacted teeth
  • Infections
  • Abscesses
  • Gum disease

However, you may need dental X-rays more often in some situations. Dentists in the United States often order X-rays before surgeries, like wisdom teeth removal or the placement of dental implants. We provide quality dental care and utilize X-rays to make sure that we have a comprehensive understanding of your situation.

The Dental X-Ray Process

Here at Simple Dental, we make it easy for you to relax while we take dental X-rays of the highest quality. We use a lead apron to protect you from radiation during the X-ray process. After we place the apron, technicians can:

  • Place an X-ray film in your mouth
  • Set up the X-ray machine and take the X-ray
  • Wait for the X-ray to process

Generally, it takes little time for an X-ray to process, allowing dentists to get a look at your teeth, bones, and gums.

Kinds of Dental X-rays

Not all dental X-rays provide the same kind of information. Depending on your needs, your dentist may order different types of X-rays, including:

Bitewing X-rays

Bitewing X-rays represent one of the most common kinds of dental assessments. These X-rays check for decay in the space between your teeth. They can provide images of the crown of the tooth down to the place where your tooth enters the bone.

Periapical X-rays

Dentists can look at your entire tooth with a periapical x-ray. These X-rays show every part of your tooth, from the root to the crown. Dentists use these X-rays if they need to look for a possible infection in your teeth.

Occlusal X-rays

An occlusal X-ray can show teeth as they develop. Dentists primarily use these X-rays when treating younger patients. Dentists can set up this X-ray to get a clear look at a patient’s upper jaw or lower jaw.

Extraoral X-rays

Extraoral X-rays use X-ray film on the outside of your mouth. Panoramic X-rays are an example of an extraoral x-ray. Panoramic X-rays show your entire mouth and jaw, allowing dentists to pinpoint any spots of concern.

Get Pain-Free Dental X-rays

Sometimes, patients worry about potential pain when getting an X-ray in Crowley or Fort Worth, TX. However, X-rays offer you non-invasive options to assess the condition of your teeth and gums. You won’t need anesthesia to get X-rays here at Simple Dental.

In most cases, you can get X-rays taken in only a few minutes. You can spend the entire process sitting still while dental technicians run the X-ray machine. You may feel a slight amount of discomfort when you hold the X-ray film in your mouth, but you only need to hold the position for a few seconds.

Let Us Handle Issues Found with X-rays

You can rely on us to help you resolve any oral health concerns revealed by an X-ray examination. Our team can take care of cleaning out a cavity and placing a filling. We use a composite for fillings that blend in with your teeth while protecting you from further decay.

Our team also takes care of cosmetic oral health procedures, such as placing crowns or bridges. You can turn to us for porcelain inlays and onlays. We also provide emergency dental services if you broke or cracked a tooth. Contact us for all of your oral health needs to get the assistance you want.

Schedule Dental X-rays in Crowley, TX

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