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Professional help is waiting if you develop a cavity from tooth decay. Simple Dental handles dental fillings in Crowley, Texas. We place a filling after removing the decay from your tooth to protect it from further damage.

Our team makes handling cavities fast and simple. We have experience and training in placing fillings for both adult patients and children. You can find out more by contacting our team today.

The Purpose of Dental Fillings

Most people need a filling if they develop a cavity. Bacteria and other issues can cause tooth decay, resulting in a cavity. Dentists address the cavity by removing the decay to prevent the damage from spreading further.

However, removing the decay will not completely address your issue. Decay can continue spreading into your tooth if you do not fill in the small hole made by the cavity. Eventually, decay can reach the pulp of your tooth if it’s left to proceed.

Once decay reaches that pulp, you may need to get a root canal to address the issue. We can help you with your cavity before it reaches this stage. Allow us to get started today by caring for your teeth with the latest technology.

Parts of Completing a Dental Filling

Many people feel nervous when they consider getting a cavity filled. Our team can help you feel comfortable getting a dental filling in Crowley, Texas, by going over each step of the process. Our team will:

• Numb the area with a local anesthetic
• Remove the decay from your tooth
• Prepare the tooth for a filling
• Select a composite resin that matches the color of your tooth
• Place and cure the resin
We can finish the entire procedure in one visit. Our team can even take care of multiple cavities at one time, as long as all the teeth are on the same side of your mouth.

Take Care of Your New Filling

You can ensure that your dental filling lasts a long time by properly caring for it. To extend the life of your dental filling, make sure that you:

• Brush and floss every day
• Eat a well-balanced diet
• Lower your sugar intake

Additionally, you may want to exercise extra caution when you bite into hard objects. You can prevent stains on your new filling if you use a straw to drink things like red wine, tea, or coffee. Taking all of the above steps can increase the lifespan of a dental filling.

Types of Dental Fillings

Our team uses a composite resin to make fillings for your teeth. We custom-make these fillings to match the color of your teeth, making them seamless in your mouth. These fillings generally last for around ten years if you care for them properly.

You may also see individuals with gold, silver, or porcelain fillings. Gold and silver fillings are often more noticeable than composite resin fillings, though they can last up to twice as long as a composite with proper care.

We do offer porcelain inlays or onlays at our practice and make them specifically to fit your tooth. They tend to resist stains and match the color of your teeth. These fillings usually cover most of a tooth, which makes it difficult to notice them.

We Handle Other Dental Services

Sometimes, a filling can take care of your oral health needs. Other times, you may discover that you need more extensive treatment. We’re here to handle all of your cosmetic dentistry needs. We can help if you want:

• Bridges
• Crowns
• A dental implant
• Porcelain veneers

You can even contact us if you are interested in teeth whitening services. We can provide you with the tools to whiten your teeth without an invasive procedure. Generally, you use a tray and a whitening substance to remove stains left behind by certain foods and drinks.

We also provide you with emergency dental care here in Crowley, TX. You can contact us if you experience pain or bleeding from your tooth or gums. Sometimes, oral pain can indicate that you have a cavity. Abscesses or broken teeth can also cause discomfort.

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