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Excellent dental health provides more than just bright white teeth in the present. Well-maintained oral health guarantees a future of favorite foods, smiling pictures, and total body health. 

Cosmetic dentistry focuses mainly on restoring the aesthetics, functional or otherwise, of a perfect smile. Healthy, bright smiles contribute to our confidence, improve our speech capabilities, and open the door to improved opportunities throughout our lives. 

Dental bonding offers a simple, in-office method of repairing minor imperfections in natural teeth. At Simple Dental, our dental experts have the skill to safely and effectively apply dental bonding in as little as one easy, painless visit. Learn more about dental bonding in Crowley, TX by reading below or directing your specific questions to our friendly staff. 

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What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding consists of an in-office corrective procedure that takes as little as a few minutes to apply. Dentists use a quick multi-stage technique to bond repair materials to the surface of teeth. This process masks minor imperfections and covers surface damage on natural teeth. 

Dental bonding provides a safe, effective treatment that lasts for a long time when coupled with consistent oral hygiene habits. Like all semi-permanent to permanent dental procedures, regular visits to a dental professional will keep patients aware of when their dental bonding needs to be replaced. 

Benefits of Quality Dental Bonding

Dental bonding makes an excellent choice for candidates with minor chips or cracks in teeth or for candidates who suffer from certain teeth spacing issues. While dental bonding is not practical for deep decay or intensive trauma, the procedure helps prevent minor chips or cracks from creating more significant dental problems. 

Professional dental bonding procedures: 

  • Are less invasive than a dental implant or other corrective procedures
  • Are more budget-friendly and cost-effective for simple repairs
  • Improve the look and functionality of damaged front teeth
  • Last up to 10 years or beyond with good care
  • Prevent further damage to underlying teeth

Don’t let cost or concern over invasive procedures risk your future dental health. Ask about dental bonding and other low-impact dental repair techniques now. The earlier you have these procedures done, the more helpful they can be. 

To learn more about how dental bonding procedures work, keep reading or jump ahead by scheduling a consultation today.

What to Expect During Dental Bonding

Dental bonding involves a standard in-office procedure that takes very little time. Often, dentists begin and finish dental bonding procedures within the span of a single visit. 

Before any cosmetic procedure, the dentist performs a comprehensive dental exam. If the patient has up-to-date dental records, a simple bitewing x-ray may work. 

Once the dentist determines the procedure is safe, they thoroughly clean the affected tooth. Next, the dentist uses tools to buff down the edges of the tooth. This buffing helps the bonding gel and composite resin stick to the tooth. 

The dentist will apply a layer of bonding gel, wash it away, and follow it up with a layer of quick-curing composite resin. Dentists use a specialized light to cure the composite resin filling in minutes. Because this procedure is safe and fast, dentists can perform dental bonding on multiple teeth in a single session. 

When dental bonding ages or becomes damaged, dentists remove any remaining resin. After inspecting the tooth, the dentist decides if another bonding procedure is safe. If so, the dentist then buffs the tooth and applies fresh coats of bonding gel and composite resin. 

Contact Simple Dental to get started right away if you think you may need dental bonding to fix broken or chipped teeth. Fixing chipped and cracked teeth now can prevent future dental trauma or decay.

Find Affordable Dental Bonding in Crowley, TX

Healthy smiles contribute to our daily lives in ways we often overlook. Cracked or chip teeth not only alter smiles, but they also hinder speech, eating capabilities, and more. When our teeth are at their best, we are at our best. 

Dental bonding is one of many cosmetic dental procedures that boost oral health, improve tooth appearance, and contribute to a bright tomorrow. As advancements in dental technology occur, cosmetic dentistry becomes more and more accessible. For noninvasive cosmetic improvements that don’t break the budget, dental bonding offers a reliable solution. 

At Simple Dental, our comprehensive general and cosmetic services ensure that every patient gets the dental work they need. We take pride in our ground-up approach. Our team addresses any underlying issues or dental trauma before beginning any cosmetic dental procedure. 

Let us restore your smile safely and effectively without draining your wallet. For dental bonding in Crowley, TX, and much more, call (817)865-5333 to get started with an affordable dentist at Simple Dental today.